The Sound of Opera

The sky began to fade as time crept to 9 p.m. at the historic courtyard of the Casa della Poesia. Everything was in place — the rows of chairs filled with eager concertgoers; the grand piano centered at the front, gleaming under the overhead lights. Fifteen opera singers entered the stage in single file, their tuxedos and long dresses creating a sea of color.

Capturing Urbino’s Charm

Meet Paolo Mini, the photographer with an eye on Urbino. Behind his camera, Mini captures the beauty of Urbino.

They Eat Horses, Don’t They?

To an American tourist driving through the winding mountain roads in this small Italian town, the horses grazing and galloping along the valley slopes are icons of beauty - or future champions on a track. To local rancher Davide Travagliati, they are images of meals. And that’s what these horses soon will be.

The Other Master of Via Raffaello

Via Raffaello is a relentlessly steep street in this hillside city named for the famed Renaissance artist who called it home as a child. Today a different artist resides here. Leonardo Cartolari doesn’t work with paint. Sugar and flour are his medium, his hands are his brush, and an oven is his canvas. With passion and a love for his craft, Cartolari rises before the sun to create his art.

From Student to Sommelier

Swirling the sparkling glass of wine ever so delicately, Martina Brescini treats this classic Italian beverage as if it were her child. Breathing in the strong aroma, Brescini’s face glows as she begins to explain the composition of the wine in detail. This is just another workday for the 29-year-old sommelier.

Earthquakes Rattle Urbino Tourism

Hotels and other businesses report a decline in visitors since last year's earthquakes. Hotel Raffaello had nearly a 50 percent decrease in bookings within the past year.

Bocce is Having a Ball in Italy

When eight-year-old Flavia Morelli told her mother she wanted to play bocce, Emanuela Rosetti was shocked and skeptical of the idea. “This isn’t something a girl normally does,” her mother exclaimed with a puzzled look on her face. Ten years later and Rosetti is proud that her daughter fought to pursue what she is passionate about.

A House of Musical Joy

Enrico Luierani has played for rock audiences of thousands all across Italy with his famous band 1 Camillas. He spends nights ripping on his guitar as fans scream in the mosh pits. But on a recent sunny Tuesday, Luierani was in a little house tucked away amongst the trees in this historic hilltop city, teaching drum and guitar to local children.


Agriturismo, or agriturismi, in Italy is a budding industry in which farmers rent rooms to guests, much like traditional bed and breakfasts. Agriturismo is becoming an increasingly important part of Italy's tourism.

Crawling Through History

While thousands of tourists are walking through Piazza della Republica marveling at the historic Renaissance buildings this city is famed for, Filippo Venturini is also surrounded by history – but he’s 65 feet beneath them being guided through dark, narrow sandstone tunnels by the slender beam of his headlamp.
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