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Deia De Marco

Deia De Marco
This is my second time coming to Italy, but I must say the experience was much more authentic here in Urbino. I not only did I attended, and live at, an Italian University, but I researched and investigated journalistic stories that represent the lesser-seen part of Italy. I worked with top-notch professors and photographers and went on amazing, once-in-a-lifetime excursions. I worked hands-on in all stages with film, photo, production and even worked one on one with Italian interpreters. This experience has not only sharpened my skills as a photographer and journalist, but it has provided me with an invaluable asset to my portfolio that will undoubtably give me an advantage in my future endeavors.


Agriturismo, or agriturismi, in Italy is a budding industry in which farmers rent rooms to guests, much like traditional bed and breakfasts. Agriturismo is becoming an increasingly important part of Italy's tourism.