Reporters Stories by Anthea Liu

Anthea Liu

My experience in Urbino had been indescribable. I would admit the first week was the hardest because of all of the culture shock. Everything here was different, the culture, food, voltage, language, weather, etc. However, as the first week passed by, I started to appreciate the difference between Urbino and the States. I fell in love with the beautiful ancient city, the coffee aroma in the air, the kind people around us and the natural beauty in this place; there were so much that I would never have a chance to experience in America. Sometimes I would even feel like I’m taking another lesson outside of classroom – a course that’s taught by Urbino. During this trip, I learned how to put myself out there and embraced the new culture. The Urbino study abroad trip is just a wonderful once in a life time experience, I’m really grateful that I decided to be a part of it.
Meet Paolo Mini, the photographer with an eye on Urbino. Behind his camera, Mini captures the beauty of Urbino.