Earthquakes Rattle Urbino Tourism

Hotels and other businesses report a decline in visitors since last year's earthquakes. Hotel Raffaello had nearly a 50 percent decrease in bookings within the past year.

Italian Grocery Rule: Waste Not!

In a corner of the storeroom at the Maxiconad, a large modern supermarket outside the walls of this famous Renaissance city in central Italy, workers sort through crates of packaged salads, pizza, yogurt, fruits and vegetables nearing their “best-by” dates. They will all be donated to a charity, a practice the store’s owner, Luca Galuzzi, credits to his parents – and the Italian government.

The Duomo’s Vulnerability

Standing tall, with statues sitting atop its roof, is the historic site that countless Urbino tourists and locals have visited: the Duomo. Now, however, they’re only able to see the outside of the cathedral.

Montefeltro Makes a Comeback

On a warm June afternoon Duke Federico da Montefeltro strolled across the cobblestones of the Piazza de Repubblica, the main social square in this historic city. He is resplendent in his bright red shirt and pants, flat hat, flowing cape, and fur shawl. A dazzling, jewel encrusted necklace draped across his chest and a silver sword hung from a waist belt.

Ancient City, Modern Art

A melted motorcycle sits casually in the middle of the workshop, as if it were an armchair or a coffee table. Zanchi shuffles across the airy studio, his wild curls bouncing with every step. He holds the shoes gingerly in his hands, careful to touch only the bottoms—an odd amount of care for average-looking, dingy brown loafers.

Outside the Via Valerio Box

Urbino's jazz club hosts many musical and artistic activities throughout the year. Lately, however, the club is more active in locations outside its own walls. With a growing membership and connections to nearby towns like Urbania, the club has been organizing concerts and events in satellite locations around the Montefeltro region.

Culture Through Cocktails

Bosom Pub has been a staple in Urbino since Stephano Galli opened it in 1985. This cultural melting pot has always allowed students of all nationalities to be a part of one accepting community, at least for a few hours each night. Which begs the question: What makes this pub so special?

Small Town, Big Style

Upon arriving in Urbino, I take a seat in the Piazza della Repubblica. The piazza truly is the hub of the town, and the perfect place to people-watch. My first impression of this small town is the quaint, slower-paced vibe compared to that of its more well-known neighbors. As I continue to watch people pass by, I feel as if I am witnessing a fashion show right before my eyes.