Crawling Through History

While thousands of tourists are walking through Piazza della Republica marveling at the historic Renaissance buildings this city is famed for, Filippo Venturini is also surrounded by history – but he’s 65 feet beneath them being guided through dark, narrow sandstone tunnels by the slender beam of his headlamp.

Bocce is Having a Ball in Italy

When eight-year-old Flavia Morelli told her mother she wanted to play bocce, Emanuela Rosetti was shocked and skeptical of the idea. “This isn’t something a girl normally does,” her mother exclaimed with a puzzled look on her face. Ten years later and Rosetti is proud that her daughter fought to pursue what she is passionate about.

Health Beyond Fitness

“People who aren’t athletes don’t necessarily think about the importance of movement. Certainly not in their daily lives.” Which is why Anna Calavalle decided to focus her energy and research beyond arenas, competitions, and awards—into a more everyday realm.

Brothers, Bikes, and Road Trips

As a young boy growing up in the shadow of the factory in Pesaro, Italy, Paolo Marchinelli regularly watched the motorcycles being packed onto trucks and sent around the world. He says it was easy to fall in love with the lightweight bikes that won over a thousand races in 20 years. He remembers getting his first, a red 1967 Mini Bike, and finally being able join the rest of the boys in his neighborhood.