The Sound of Opera

The sky began to fade as time crept to 9 p.m. at the historic courtyard of the Casa della Poesia. Everything was in place — the rows of chairs filled with eager concertgoers; the grand piano centered at the front, gleaming under the overhead lights. Fifteen opera singers entered the stage in single file, their tuxedos and long dresses creating a sea of color.

A House of Musical Joy

Enrico Luierani has played for rock audiences of thousands all across Italy with his famous band 1 Camillas. He spends nights ripping on his guitar as fans scream in the mosh pits. But on a recent sunny Tuesday, Luierani was in a little house tucked away amongst the trees in this historic hilltop city, teaching drum and guitar to local children.

A Confraternity for Centuries

Directly behind the altar in the Church of San Giuseppe is a wooden box about six feet by four feet in size. Inside this box lies a five-foot tall, wooden statue of Jesus Christ brought to the city in 1503. Peppe Aguzzi, 76, stands proudly in front of this box like his ancestors in the Confraternity of Santissimo Crocifisso have done for the past 200 years as “priore responsabile della statua” – official caretakers of the statue.

Never Stop Helping

Soft chatter and vibrant laughter echo across the rococo-style friezes in the 17th century Church of Saint Philip. The atmosphere is warm and convivial as men and women of all ages greet each other and casually converse awaiting the main event. Listening more closely, however, reveals these conversations are marked by bittersweet memories.

Keeping Ceramic Art Alive

Walking into Ceramiche Artistiche Molaroni, the Molaroni Artistic Ceramics store in Pesaro, Italy, you can’t help but hold your breath. It feels as if even a small breeze would break the intricate vases, plates, bowls, and clocks on display. Each item stands out as its own masterpiece. Tiny elephants and owls are covered in complex floral and vine patterns that almost look like real daisies and roses wrapped precisely around the pure white backgrounds. A large three-foot vase at the entrance stands out with powerful blues, yellows, and reds that catch your eye right as you walk in the room.

Handstands and Head Spins

Suddenly, the stage is aglow with blue and yellow lights, upbeat music is blaring, and dancers rush out, clad in similar colors of the classic impressionism painting. For two and a half minutes everyone is captivated, watching the syncopated body rolls and sharp arm movements. The guys and girls on stage spin their legs around in intricate circles while supporting themselves on their hands—and the audience's eyes are as starry as the painting the group is dancing about.

The Secret Renaissance

A temporary exhibit named Rinascimento Segretto--or “Secret Renaissance”--is a three-part love letter, taking place in Pesaro, Urbino, and Fano, to the lost arts and artists of the Renaissance.

Renaissance Rebirth

In an art scene dominated by innovation and forward thinking, Giovanna Giusto’s figurative and classical sculptures dare to do exactly the opposite: They throw their viewer into the past.