Gong Casa della Musica takes a new approach to teaching music

URBINO, ITALY – Enrico Luierani has played for rock audiences of thousands all across Italy with his famous band 1 Camillas. He spends nights ripping on his guitar as fans scream in the mosh pits. But on a recent sunny Tuesday, Luierani was in a little house tucked away amongst the trees in this historic hilltop city, teaching drum and guitar to local children.

“I love it when we all have fun” he says. And fun is absolutely what this little house of music is all about.

Student Massamillian focuses hard on keeping rhythm during his drum lesson at the Gong Casa della Musica in Urbino, Italy . Trying for last name? Photo by Annabel Wall.
Student Massamillian focuses hard on keeping rhythm during his drum lesson.

Enrico is a part of Gong Casa della Musica (Gong House of Music) a group of talented professional artists who teach children the wonders of music. It is nestled among the rolling hills of Urbino, below the magnificent Palazzo Ducale. Rounding the corner of the curving hill lined with trees, the studios’ charming white wash and redwood doors seem to pop out of nowhere.

While Gong Casa della Muisca is still a smaller establishment, it is gaining big traction in the community.

“[The community] is quite supportive” says manager and event coordinator Luca Rebucci. “It’s my second year here. [The studio] is quite new, actually. It’s probably not yet known by the majority of people, but those who know it appreciate it”

Parents in the community agree. Mariella Pretlli, mother of two students, ages 9 and 15, says it is a “rewarding experience and absolutely positive for teacher quality and professionalism about management structure”.

Music has always been my passion. Music is my road. It’s like a flame, it has never changed during time.

Music is literally infused into the building, with the pounding of drums coming through the walls like a heartbeat. Luca greets students and parents with a friendly grin and a pat on the shoulder, his passion for the mission shining through.

“Music has always been my passion” he says. “Music is my road. It’s like a flame, it has never changed during time.”

Luierani shares this passion, presenting it in his music lessons. To some, the phrase “music lesson” may prompt a horrible flashback involving endless scales and sitting next to an old lady that smelled like mothballs. Luierani’s lessons are the exact opposite of this stuffy scenario.

Instructor Enrico Luierani plays electric during a drum lesson at the Gong Casa della Musica in Urbino, Italy Photo by Annabel Wall.
Instructor Enrico Luierani plays electric during a drum lesson.

His lessons ring with roaring noise and bursting laughter. There are no books or tests, not even a single piece of sheet music. Drums student Massimillian gets to strum on a bass that stands as tall as he is as a reward for a good lesson, and jokes with Enrico about English vowels and Bob Marely.

For a price of €85, about $95, students get four one-on-one lessons, individually tailored to their talent and taste. But the teachers say those fees are not what attracted them to the House of Music. Instead, it was the studio’s is dedication to spreading the joy of music throughout Urbino.

“Music is joy, music is a good feeling,” Rebucci says. “So creating and making music gives the community this joy and good feeling… good vibrations.”

As Albert Einstein said “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” This joy can be felt in every cranny of Gong Casa della Musica. Each child leaves with a huge smile on their face, invigorated and inspired by the music.

Rebucci said “Music is life. Without music, I’d be dead. It is the same for society, without music, we’d be much unhappier and poorer.” Sources: Luca Rebucci, Gong Casa della Music, https://www.facebook.com/GongUrbino/


Video by Annabel Wall & Colin Stoecker

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