One of the Last Italian Partisans

Umberto Palmetti, 92, is one of the last remaining Partiagani, anti-fascist Italian Partisans who opposed Benito Mussolini and the German occupiers during World War II.

Renaissance Rebirth

In an art scene dominated by innovation and forward thinking, Giovanna Giusto’s figurative and classical sculptures dare to do exactly the opposite: They throw their viewer into the past.

Beyond Organic

For 40 years the Girolomoni Cooperativa has been producing all-organic products consisting of rice, cereals, flour, couscous, fruit purees, extra-virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Oltre il biologico, “beyond organic,” is the foundation for the company: organic farming isn’t just a process, but a way of life.

Earthquake Aftermath: Uncertainty and Hope

Residents of Camerino, Italy, a town rattled by four earthquakes in one year, are hopeful they will return to their homes and businesses one day.

Brothers, Bikes, and Road Trips

As a young boy growing up in the shadow of the factory in Pesaro, Italy, Paolo Marchinelli regularly watched the motorcycles being packed onto trucks and sent around the world. He says it was easy to fall in love with the lightweight bikes that won over a thousand races in 20 years. He remembers getting his first, a red 1967 Mini Bike, and finally being able join the rest of the boys in his neighborhood.

A Pipe Dream Becomes Reality

In the hustle and bustle of this tourist-filled beach town lies two wooden doors framed by marble. A copper plaque with the words “Le Nuvole,” or clouds, hangs next to them. Walking through the busy alleyways, passersby might think this is just another entrance to a house.

They Eat Horses, Don’t They?

To an American tourist driving through the winding mountain roads in this small Italian town, the horses grazing and galloping along the valley slopes are icons of beauty - or future champions on a track. To local rancher Davide Travagliati, they are images of meals. And that’s what these horses soon will be.

Off the Beaten Path

Visitors to Le Marche region who want an authentic experience may decide to spend their stay here, in an unconventional tourist location: a farm.

Health Beyond Fitness

“People who aren’t athletes don’t necessarily think about the importance of movement. Certainly not in their daily lives.” Which is why Anna Calavalle decided to focus her energy and research beyond arenas, competitions, and awards—into a more everyday realm.


Agriturismo, or agriturismi, in Italy is a budding industry in which farmers rent rooms to guests, much like traditional bed and breakfasts. Agriturismo is becoming an increasingly important part of Italy's tourism.